Buying Luxury Homes in South Florida

Whether you’re looking for a quality home of your very own or an idyllic getaway where you can vacation in comfort and luxury, South Florida is one of the best markets for high-end residences, with plenty of choices and options that will suit every type of homebuyer. Here are some simple tips to make the most of your search for these luxury homes.

  • Location. South Florida is a huge region, so it helps to narrow down your location choices in order to save time looking. Decide if you want to live in downtown Miami, in communities that are family-friendly like Coral Springs or Palmetto Bay, or perhaps near the water in areas like Fort Lauderdale or Miami Beach.
  • Homes. Choosing which type of home you want beforehand will save you a lot of hours searching. Would you prefer a single-family residence with plenty of backyard space, or a cozy townhouse attached to other residences, or even high above a multi-storey condominium complex? Does waterfront living appeal to you or maybe you just want a vacation home where you canrelax during holidays and that perhaps you can even rent out?
  • Online Searches. While browsing through the MLS is okay, keep in mind that not all homes on the market are listed on the large search engines. Many luxury homes are unlisted in order to protect the seller’s privacy, and can only be revealed through a Realtor’s personal connections.
  • Realtors. It’s recommended that you work with a Realtor who’s a local expert on the area that you plan to live in, as he or she will certainly have built a strong personal network with other agents and sellers, as well as have access to higher-end unlisted properties on the real estate market.
  • Photos. Don’t rely solely on the photos you see that are posted on the MLS; more often than not, many large homes have to be seen in person in order to be fully appreciated, and nothing beats seeing the property with your own eyes. It also helps to check satellite maps found on Google or Bing to see what’s around the property, as sometimes photos crop out things they don’t want you to see.
  • Finances. It’s highly important to work with financial planners, advisers and lawyers to make sure that buying your dream luxury home won’t adversely affect your finances, and that you’re protected from legal problems that might arise. Learn to document everything and keep tabs on what your available options are, while being open for negotiations.

South Florida Luxury Real Estate and Luxury Homes for Sale

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