“Debra is a great full of energy person. She presents herself a koker who will get the job done. Debra is a take charge person. She has set the with full service silverware. She makes the seller and purcheter feel comfortable with her running the show.”

Jean Miller Boynton Beach (Seller)

“Debra Simon-Amiraian sold my home in a blink of an eye, so hurray for her and hurray for me.”

Cindy Ross, Los Angeles, CA 90066 (Seller)

“Several neighbors recommended Debra as the best realtor. They were right, she is exceptionally professional. I would recommend her as well. From start to finish everything went very smoothly. It was a pleasure working with her.”

Steve Vlahakis, Boynton Beach, Florida (Buyer)

“Debra Simon-Amiraian is the best at what she does, and it shows in her longevity, her success, her caring, and her expertise in knowing the market. Seems like she was available 24/7. She is the only realtor I would ever recommend, and over the years I met many I liked but none that I felt could handle all the demands of a great Broker. Caring, very calm, seemingly always having the correct answer to handle any problems. Your only choice in picking a great realtor, person, broker is Debra Simon-Amiraian!”

Joel Mandel Boynton Beach FL (Buyer)

“Debra has an excellent knowledge of residential properties in the Delray, Boynton area and helped us find a suitable and affordable residence in short order.”

Barbara Zeller Boynton Beach (Seller)

“Debra did a great job from start to finish but really went the extra mile in helping to prepare the property for final sale. She managed having the property cleaned and repaired and removing furniture. We could never have managed without her!”

Dr. Jay Gould (Seller)

“We trust Debra. She is patient, understanding, and effective.”

David Tevelin (Seller)

“My mother and I were very happy with Debra Simon-Amiraian’s services and the excellent results she achieved in selling my mother’s house.”

Diana Herbst, Lebanon TN (Seller)

“Debra made the sale of my home a pleasant experience. She is very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you and your team for all the support you provided me making sure I was kept in the loop at all times.”

Rosalie Feit 2547 Evening Twilight Ave., Henderson, NV 89044 (Seller)

“Debra was very helpful and understanding. She did everything she had to to help me through the process of selling the Condo. Debra listed at a price that she knew it would sell. I was very happy with the results and would recommend Debra to anyone who asked me about buying or selling a home.”

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