Shawntaé Smalls

Ms. Shawntaé Smalls is a native of Brooklyn, New York; however she was reared in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Ms. Smalls has resided in West Palm Beach, Florida since 2009. Shawntaé is a licensed realtor with a distinguished professional track record for vision, dedication, innovation and results. To her credit, she is a highly respected, talented, passionate and mission-driven corporate administrator with over a decade of extensive practical work experience in multiple-office, private practice management, combined with excellence in client relations.

Ms. Smalls’ mission is to leave an indelible mark on everything she touches. Her goal as a real estate professional is to cultivate meaningful experiences for every client and stakeholder in the home buying process. Her main objective is to provide professional services with integrity, fairness, perseverance, creativity, innovative results and a beautiful smile. Ms. Shawntaé Smalls resides in greater West Palm Beach, Florida with her fiancé, Timothy.